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نرم افزار XTools Pro 9.0 بیش از ۶۰ ابزار در زمینه کار با داده های برداری، تبدیل آنها و مدیریت جداول توصیفی به همراه ۴۰ ابزار تحلیل فضایی را در خود جای داده است. با نصب این گسترش (Extension) کاربردی ترین ابزارها در قالب یک نوار ابزار در نرم افزار ArcGIS در اختیار کاربران قرار می گیرد. این ابزارها به شما کمک می کند که راحت تر و سریع تر با داده های جغرافیایی بتوانید کار کنید.

تنها کافی است فایل موجود در پوشه کرک را در مسیر نصب جایگزین فایل موجود کنید.


 XToolsPro – Extension for ArcGIS

XTools Pro is a comprehensive set of useful vector spatial analysis, shape conversion, and table management tools for ArcGIS that greatly enhances ArcGIS functionality and allows ArcGIS users to get to a new level of efficiency and performance.

XTools Pro 9.0 includes more than 60 tools for vector spatial analysis, shape conversion, and table management and 40 geoprocessing tools. The most essential functions are collected in a single toolbar for ArcGIS users. New useful tools help save your time and open up unique opportunities for working with geographical data.

Latest version – XTools Pro 9.0

  • Attribute Table Views
    – new XTools Pro Attribute Table Views have been developed
  • Definition Query Manager
    – a new tool for adding and managing multiple definition queries has been added
  • Find Associated Documents and Datasets
    – a new tool allowing to find all documents (mxd, mxt, sxd, sxt, lyr, pmf, 3dd) associated with the selected dataset(s) and all datasets used in the selected document has been developed
  • Extract Raster Zonal Statistics
    – a new tool (and corresponding geoprocessing tool) for extracting zonal statistics from raster datasets has been implemented
  • Create Random Sampling Points
    – a new tool (and corresponding geoprocessing tool) for creating randomly spread points has been added
  • Export Table to MS Excel
    – a new geoprocessing tool for exporting table data to Microsoft Excel .xlsx files has been added to the XTools Pro toolbox
  • Copy Layer Properties
    – now it is possible to copy most part of the properties between layers with different geometry types
    – new dialog Paste properties showing what copied properties are applicable to the selected layer has been added
  • Multiple Map Layouts
    – map documents with no additional layouts now being not affected by the multiple layouts functionality
    – a new option to set back warning messages about installed MapLogic has been added
  • Identify Pro
    – a new option and usage scenario have been added, identifying Selected layers. Now you can select to Identify (Pro) the layer(s) currently selected in TOC. This is now the default option in the new version
    – new map units have been added for the click location: MGRS, U.S. National Grid, UTM
    – an issue in the Identify results dockable window implementation that could lead to ArcMap crashes when closing ArcMap has been fixed
    – a bug in displaying dates when there was no date or no year specified has been fixed
  • Export Data to MS Excel
    – double values are now not incorrectly truncated
  • Export Data to KML
    – double values are now not incorrectly truncated
  • Split Polylines
    – now “T”-kind self intersections are correctly supported
  • Metadata Editor
    – fixed bug in batch metadata editing
    – fixed bug in revision history when tracking edit session is enabled and there is more than one layer in the map (caused Unhandled exception when saving edits)
  • Start Editing Selected Layer
    – fixed bug in start editing functionality
  • Create Intersection Points
    – now supports 3D data as input layers
  • Geoprocessing tools
    – fixed bug when model validation could remove tool parameters in the model
  • Other changes
    – New license keys
    – Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

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