Development Rights Markets to Manage Urban Plans in Italy

Development Rights Markets to Manage Urban Plans in Italy
Ezio Miceli
[Paper Žrst received, February 2000; in Ž nal form, April 2001]

Introduction For several years now, urban economists and planners have been debating the possibility of using innovative methods and tools in managing urban plans in order to increase their effectiveness. According to many theor- etical contributions, a major step would lie in shifting from the use of authoritative tools towards those that employ market levers to implement public policies and, as economists say, to restore conditions of efŽ cient resource alocation. The institution of a development rights market in order to implement urban plans has been signiŽ cantly used in the US and in several other developed countries (Re- nard, 1998) and represents a major attempt to transfer into the practical urban government such a theoretical perspective. Since the be- ginning of the 1990s, in Italy, a growing number of urban plans have been based on so-caled equalisation (the equal distribution of developing rights to al land-owners in- volved in the plan) and on the principle of the transfer of development rights. By analysing such plans and their management through time, we can assess if such tools can effectively pass from economic theory to the actual practice of urban governments.

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