Civic Vitality & Urban Space

Civic Vitality & Urban Space

In this article we try to identify civic vitality and its characteristics, such as legibility, imageability and clearance, we note an important condition to create civic vitality that is a space with legible body and valuable visual effects. And finally we note the role of urban designer and participation of people in creating a pleasure image in city

Civic vitality
The relation between design of urban space and civic vitality has a long history. The relation between usage of buildings and attendance of people in urban space, the relation between art of architecture and interest and consideration of people, the relation between the form of community places and relaxation of citizens and so on have a historical life. Civic vitality is a combination of experiences of relaxation and safety in city. Civic vitality includes the complex of contacts, relationship of people with their surrounding environment and with each other. Civic vitality forms in urban spaces. Relaxation is resulted from contacts which are pleasant and made satisfactory feelings. Safety is an important factor in civic vitality, which is resulted from continuous social supervision in urban space. So safety and relaxation are two basic factors in civic vitality. With these two factors we can have some places and situations in city that create memories.
We can call these spaces a pleasant environment. Creating this pleasant environment has a direct relationship with organization and management of urban space; this pleasant environment actually is a cultural environment that forms social behavior inside that. So according to identify of civic vitality we can conclude that the first and the most important step to reach a good civic vitality is enriching the community or improving the urban space. Urban space can provide the pleasant community for growth of civic vitality. Urban space indeed is a container that concludes several types of community, and this community shows the sign of health or weakness of city. Civic vitality is spirit of body of city. Body of city is not only for biological requirements of human being but also is a bed to flow civic vitality

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