Modeling Tenants’ Choices in the Public Rented Sector

Modeling Tenants’ Choices in the Public Rented Sector: A Stated Preference Approach
Bruce Walker, Alex Marsh, Mark Wardman and Pat Niner
[Paper received in Ž nal form, February 2001]
Summary. This paper uses a stated preference (SP) approach to examine the potential housing choices of tenants in the UK public housing sector. The paper begins by explaining the policy signiŽ cance of the choices that such tenants might make if alternative dwelings were offered to them. It then discusses the SP approach in general before explaining the way in which it is used in this study. The results of the SP modeling exercise are presented. These suggest that tenants are unlikely to move to housing estates that they see as being worse than their current estate solely in response to lower rents. This is because a number of factors other than rent are of more signiŽ cance in their potential housing decisions.

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