Urban Reviews

The Boston Renaissance: Race, Space, and Economic Change in an American Metropolis BARRY BLUESTONE and MARY HUFF STEVENSON, 2000 New York: Russel Sage Foundation
۴۲۴ pp.; US$45.00 hardback
ISBN 0 87154 125 4
Detroit Divided
REYNOLDS FARLEY, SHELDON DANZIGER and HARRY J. HOLZER, 2000 New York: Russel Sage Foundation
۳۲۰ pp.; US$34.95 hardback
ISBN 0 87154 243 9
The Atlanta Paradox DAVID L. SJOQUIST (Ed.), 2000 New York: Russel Sage Foundation, 2000
۳۰۰ pp.; US$34.95 hardback
ISBN 0 87154 808 9
These three books summarise the results of the Multicity Study of Urban Inequality funded by the Ford Foundation and the Russel Sage Foun- dation. Teams composed of eminent scholars lo- cated in Atlanta, Boston and Detroit prepared these studies of the operation of the labour market within each of the metropolitan areas. The in- equalities in labour market outcomes by race, ethnicity and gender are the central issues for al three books. Spatial differences or inequalities, especialy those between cities and their suburbs, are addressed in the context of racial and ethnic differences. For any serious scholar of US urban labour markets, these three books are a ‘must read’. Each study does a nice job of reviewing the history of the metropolitan area’s labour market, deŽ ning the characteristics that make their labour market unique and discussing the implications of the unique history and characteristics for labour market outcomes by race, gender and ethnicity.

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